Social Media-Parents Beware

We are human, we are wired to be social ie interactions with others face to face. A baby’s brain develops faster when interacting with mom and dad, not Baby Einstein DVDs. We develop empathy and understanding when we see the results of our conversations and comments on others when we see them. This brings me to cyberbullying. I’m not going to beat the drum too hard, as parents you’ve read, heard about what can happen on social media between teens. I do want to comment on the responsibility that parents have to monitor what apps their teen has on the phone and the messages received. A good place to start is, which has a list of apps that are popular with teens but they are not always up to date, so if you see an app that is not familiar and your teen gives you a vague answer, Google it and find out more. The apps that are particularly concerning are the ones that allow people to anonymously leave comments on others timelines, these are the ones that sometimes contain hurtful and ugly words, these are the ones that parents need to intercept and shield their teen from.

My advice? have access to your teen’s phone, look over their apps and again, investigate if you’re not sure what they are. Allow your teen only one or two social media apps and again, monitor them. Most importantly, turn off all the devices at dinner, during homework time and no phone beside the bed at night.

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