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In my private practice, I have been seeing kids who are majorly stressed out and its not just teenagers! We are all aware how hectic and fast our culture has become with the advent of computers and cell phones. I have also been amazed at the pressure the schools are putting on kids to learn, in my opinion, when their brains are not functionally ready. For example, I had a mom tell me her kindergarten daughter was expected to read at a first grade level and was getting so frustrated and hating to read. Developmentally, her brain would not be ready till she was 7, she was 6 at the time, to read words into sentences. Happily, when she was in first grade and 7 comprehension kicked in and she loves to read. But what about the kids who give up and just don’t try? They never become readers and they never catch up.

My mission as a therapist and as a Yoga teacher, is to reach out to as many parents and kids that I can, to teach and show how to use breath, movement and mindfulness/meditation to help calm and reconnect with our bodies and emotions. It use to be that kids had unstructured play around outside, rode bikes, played pick up sports with neighborhood friends to release tension, energy and strong emotions but now they are expected to sit still most of the day in school, sit in front of the TV or computer screen or have so much homework, they never get a chance to relax. So, back to stress. Please read the two posts about kids and stress and how Yoga helps them. I have had success with kids using breath work before tests and even a teacher allowing one teen to do a sun salutation asana in class, before her test. I am also here for parents, ask me questions, send my thoughts about being a parent, or how great your child is! This is an interactive Blog for everyone to share because it does take a village and parents, you are not ALONE!

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