Last week was a time of reflection for me, as I turned 60. I look back on my life and see that I have been blessed with highs and lows, some regrets but all have brought me to this point in time. I want to spend my next how every many years, teaching and helping kids to be strong and comfortable in their bodies and in this world.

I have been a child and family counselor for almost 20 years and increasingly been working with kids who each year, are increasingly stressed and anxious. I have decided that I want to spend the next 60 years teaching Yoga to kids with the goal to help them master the self regulating skills inherit in this practice. I continue to do so in my private practice and also begin offerings classes to age groups.

These kids are our future and if I can help them realized their true nature and feel comfortable being themselves in this currently fractured world, then I will have accomplished a job well done.

So, stay tuned to this blog or Boulder Yoga Kids Facebook page to find out about up and coming classes.


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