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Boulder Yoga Kids Integrative Counseling recognizes that each of us is a multifaceted person


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Blogs with parenting tips and the importance of yoga for kids


About me

I have a natural affinity with kids and teens that allows me to listen and understand their problems, concerns and fears.

Recommended Reading

I have compiled books of interest for parents and kids on a variety of subjects, which you can conveniently order directly from Amazon

Support Systems

A variety of community organizations dedicated to assisting families in crisis

Read what parents have and kids have to say about Boulder Yoga Kids.

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I am located in North Boulder

  • “We have been so happy with the counseling our daughters and family have received from Teri Jacobson.”

    Mother of 11 year-old girl & 8 year-old twin girls
  • “My daughter had a blast (in the Mommy and Me class) she still does some of the moves at home.”

    Mommy and Me participating mom
  • “My sons love doing down dog at home.”

    Mother of 7yr old twin boys
  • “He was bouncing off the walls before class, afterwards he was calmer.”

    Mother of 6 yr old boy
  • “They like to be the yoga teacher at home.”

    Mother of 6 yr old twin girls
  • “We were worried about what kind of yoga teacher we would have and are so happy that we have you!”

    Two 15 yr old girls
  • “The lady with all the toys is very nice and fun. I love her and she has a lot of toys.”

    5 year-old-boy
  • “We are so grateful to Teri for all her amazing work with our son. When we first brought our 3 year-old to Teri, he was so tramatized that he hurt himself and wouldn’t show emotions. Teri skillfully nurtured him and us through that. Now we have a happy healthy little boy. Her work led to an amazing transformation!”

    Mother of a 5 year-old-boy
  • “Our children received the help that they needed and have grown and been given tools to work with for life.”

    Mother of 11 & 8 year-old girls and 6 year-old boy
  • “We would definitely recommend Teri to help work with children and families on all different levels where she provides a safe, comfortable environment for the children.”